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About US

We introduce ourselves as a company comprising of knowledgeable, qualified and experienced people in the field of pest control services in Mumbai. Peck-Up Pest Management Service. has completed ten glorious years serving the customers.

Here at Peck-up Pest Management we pride ourselves on being the fastest growing Pest and Termite Control Company in the Southeast. We are at the forefront of new and innovative treatments in order to deliver unbeatable protection alongside our 100% guarantee of outstanding customer service. We are so confident you will be impressed and feel protected by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We have developed pest control methods which are best suited to individual environment. Our expertise lies in using the lowest concentration of the right pesticides to get the desired result and which are compatible to the human habitat.

We are serving a large no. of customers consisting of corporates, individual Residences, Co-operative Societies, Government Offices, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Warehouses etc.


  • history
    For over 10 years, Peck-up Pest Management has proudly serviced over hundreds of homes around Mumbai. In 2002 we have started the company from the ground up. Over 10 years later, we have now open are new four branches MAHIM, KANDIVALI, VASAI, & THANE.
  • Mission
    Peck-up Pest Management is a company committed to serving the community and enriching the lives of our employees. Helping to protect our neighbor's health and homes is our highest priority and is what this company was built on. Integrity, pride, and courtesy are only a few of our employees exhibit to our customers with each and every service.
  • Goal
    we want are company to growth in such a way that other old pest control firm groen up. is are goal to rank 1st in all over India.