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Welcome to Pest Control Management

At Peck-up Pest Management we are committed to providing the best possible service to protect against unwanted pests, termites, wildlife & more. We have over 10 years of experience providing pest control in Mumbai, Pune and the surrounding areas, and we will utilize this experience to create a customized plan to protect your home & business.

We are more than just exterminators, we're your pest management professional, taking every precaution to ensure your home and business is pest and termite free. We offer both commercial and residential pest control solutions for all pests including: Cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Wood Borer, Rodent, Fungus, Fogging, Psocids , and more.

service provider for

  • Residencial
    we beleive to serve a best service to all our residencial clients. we dont want them to suffer from any kind of pest issues or problems. we use good chemical to protect their house from unwanted problems.
  • Commercial
    Our Commercial Pest Management Program utilizes Integrated Pest Management which allows for a more effective and safe pest control regimen, protecting your business and your customers. By first inspecting then identifying the problem, our technicians are better able to understand and treat every client's business more effectively.
  • Industrial

    In any big industries its realy impotrent to keep there machines, goods and assets in very well condition. we also take care of them.
    we provide best high level pest control services for industrial client so that they can work easily. We have lots of where houses, packaging firm in are pest control services.